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Why No Quarter Consulting?

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Sparing No effort to empower nonprofit success, with the help of technology

We're passionate about helping nonprofits to achieve a smooth-sailing and empowering operation with the help of technology. Our name reflects our commitment to your success. We spare no effort to offer support, guidance and personalized service for our clients, which we feel is a key reason why we have never had a client leave us.

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Need some guidance, or want to see how technology can empower your business?

Book a complementary nonprofit consulting session with us. We'd be glad to help with a challenge you're facing, or give insight into how well your current IT setup aligns with your goals and strategic direction. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Clients Stay With US

We're proud to be able to say that in our years of operating, we have never had a client leave us. We go the extra mile for them, and even for non-clients that need help. We're driven to help nonprofits create a safer, fairer, more equitable and sustainable world using our skills and expertise.

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We don't Believe In Contracts, We Believe in Partnerships

We don't see ourselves as just fulfilling obligations to our clients, we see ourselves as a proactive and accessible technology partner that they can turn to for support with all things IT.

We Offer Tailored Solutions

No two nonprofits are the same, so to deliver the best service to each of our clients, we tailor our services on a case-by-case basis. Whether you operate Apple Macs, Windows PCs, hybrid hosting, specialist software, we'll be able to adapt our support around your organization and its goals.

Tailored Solutions
Baltimore Technology Support

Living By Integrity, Ambition and Continuous Improvement

We value integrity, living by our word, and providing genuine value. We're a proactive, friendly and ambitious team that values continuous improvement. To us this requires transparency, being willing to have honest and sometimes tough conversations, and always seeking to do better. What is good enough for today will not be good enough tomorrow, so we're always striving to improve so that we can better serve our clients and their causes.

How We Empower The IT of NonProfits to get Into ShipShape

We take a systematic approach to IT that ensures the parts that make up your IT environment are working together in an empowering harmony: a whole that is more than the sum of its parts. We help our clients drive change in four key areas: productivity, cybersecurity, compliance, and strategy.


We help nonprofits to use technology to achieve more, using less. This can look like enhanced network and device speeds, streamlined workflows, a big decrease in IT issues that cause downtime and disruption, and much more.


We help nonprofits gain greater visibility and control over their data. Solutions that align people, processes and technology together into a manageable and streamlined system, means we're able to help our clients achieve compliance with confidence.


Many nonprofits fail to take cyber threats seriously. We help nonprofits implement enterprise-grade cybersecurity and data backup solutions, ensuring that their sensitive data, reputation, and operations remain secure in our digital world.


We help our clients develop invaluable technology roadmaps that empower them to achieve their strategic goals. Our expert consultancy and guidance provides clarity and insights into their technology environment, and explores how it can be upgraded to support strategic success.