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Sail Seamlessly and Securely Using cloud technology

Nonprofits can access a treasure-trove of benefits by using cloud hosting and workplace solutions. The cloud offers lower costs, improved productivity and collaboration, enhanced security, and the ability to streamline operations and compliance.

We offer full cloud hosting and workplace solutions that help nonprofits access these affordable and empowering solutions, making them accessible and easy to leverage and manage.

Cloud Hosting

Cost-Effective Hosting

Bring your data and systems into the cloud, pay for what you use, scale your digital resources seamlessly in real-time, and enjoy a reliable hosting solution that reduces downtime.

Scalability and Flexibility

Grow and Integrate Your IT Seamlessly

Cloud solutions offer instantaneous scalability and effortless cross-platform compatibility. This creates more opportunities to streamline workflows, communications, and seamlessly integrate your tools and data.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Empower Cybersecurity and Compliance

Cloud solutions offer advanced protection, including enterprise-grade encryption, intelligent monitoring tools, multi-factor authentication and intuitive access controls for enhanced data privacy.

Optimized Cloud Management

Get The Best From The Cloud

Reduce unnecessary data usage, associated costs and boost performance. We can continually monitor and optimize your cloud infrastructure, ensuring maximum efficiency and the best possible performance from your cloud assets.


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Microsoft 365

Tap into the one of the world's leading workplace solutions, offering a range of intelligent tools in one integrated and intuitive platform. Store your documents live in SharePoint, collaborate on messages, video calls and documents in real-time, harness personalized AI that offers suggestions and helpful templates, and manage your calendar and emails with ease.

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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a powerful cloud hosting and management service that is cost-effective, efficient and reliable. Pay for what you use and scale your services with a platform that integrates painlessly with other Microsoft environments and countless third-party tools.

Scale and Secure Your Workplace IT Services with powerful and affordable cloud hosting solutions

Enjoy more cost-effective, scalable and flexible infrastructure and workplace solutions that offer deeper security, convenience and functionality. Enable your NFP to operate more seamlessly and effectively in our digital world.

Achieve More, Using Less

With Microsoft 365, your team will benefit from interoperable collaboration and productivity tools that work together in harmony. Equip your team to get more done each day using less time and resources.

Cost-Effective Scalability

Eliminate upfront costs, and avoid wasteful expenditure by paying for what you need, as you need it. Whether it's adding new users at the click of a button, expanding your data and services to match evolving needs, or having infrastructure that can grow and integrate together easily, the Cloud provides the agile technology you need to thrive.

Advanced Security

Take advantage of the impressive cybersecurity credentials of world-leading technology providers, and access a range of in-built protections, including multi-factor authentication, identity and access management controls, plus dynamic threat monitoring and response capabilities.

New Features and Integrations

Cloud-enabled solutions are much more integrable compared to more traditional workplace hosting solutions. Bring your apps, data and workflows together into more streamlined wholes that are more efficient, empowering and easy to manage.

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