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Tailored IT Solutions

IT Solutions That are the Wind Behind Your Sails

We specialize in providing IT solutions for nonprofits across the USA that help them to leverage the full benefits that technology can offer. From rapid-response IT helpdesk support and exclusive vendor discounts, to information governance solutions that empower operations and compliance alike.

Costly Software and Hardware?

Tech Soup Vendor Discounts

We can help your nonprofit tap into Tech Soup's treasure-trove of exclusive discounts across a range of hardware and software-based IT solutions. We'll support you in accessing powerful IT solutions while lowering your IT spend.

Information Hard to Manage?

Gain Clarity and Control Over Your Information

We offer specialist information governance solutions for nonprofits working in a range of sectors. We can make your data assets more streamlined, compliant, and easy-to-manage.

Poor IT Support?

Specialist IT Support

Aside from the usual rapid and friendly support that you can expect from us, we also offer IT support for any specialist software that you're operating. We'll ensure your technology is working at its best, and integrates seamlessly with your wider IT environment.

Need Customized IT Solutions?

IT Solutions Tailored Around Your NonProfit

Whether you operate a mixed environment of Apple Macs and Windows PCs, Google or Microsoft workplace solutions, use legacy software, or hybrid hosting, we can tailor our IT support to meet your precise needs.


Tech Soup provides nonprofits with exclusive vendor discounts to a range of software and other IT products. Register today to tap into this overlooked gem for nonprofits!

Tech Soup - Nonprofit Hardware & Software Discounts

Gain access to discounts from vendors like Microsoft, Adobe, CISCO, Quickbooks, Lenovo, Dell and much more, by becoming a member of Tech Soup.

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Solutions Information Governance

Information Governance

Need a complete information governance solution that aligns your people, processes and technology together into a streamlined system? Our information governance service begins by working closely with your nonprofit to understand your needs, goals and compliance requirements. We work up from there to design and implement a solution that works in harmony with your IT environment and workflows.

Tailored IT Support Solutions

We offer fully-tailored IT solutions for our clients that can wrap around their unique needs and IT environments. Whether it's software, hosting, or infrastructure, we can create an end-to-end solution that precisely caters to the exact requirements of your nonprofit.

Tailored IT Support Solutions

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