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IT Projects

Steering you towards success - No Quarter Consulting

Guiding Your IT Projects To Safe Harbor

We all need to voyage into unknown waters sometimes to create empowering transformations. IT projects can be complicated, costly, time-consuming, and run over-time, and over-budget. We give no quarter to all of these common issues, and can act as your project partner for a smooth, affordable and beneficial implementation.

We offer IT project consulting and implementation services that help you to navigate your IT projects seamlessly. By working closely with you, we transform complexity into simplicity and take the burdens of your IT projects from your shoulders, while delivering you safely to your intended harbor, enabling you to unlock the treasure-chest of benefits that your IT project can offer.


Providing Clarity & Confidence

Need expert advice and input for your project? We can help! We're here to listen and provide tailored insights and guidance that help you to maximise the benefits of your IT projects, while minimizing waste and risks.

Project Planning

Plans That Deliver

We offer IT project planning solutions that create a smooth roadmap for rolling out an empowering and well structured project that delivers its intended benefits, on-time, and within budget.


Direct IT Project Support

We can take on the role of being your full implementation partner. We take the complexity and burden of implementation from your shoulders, allowing you to focus on your core mission.

Aftercare & Support

We Won't Leave You Out of Your Depth!

After the roll out of your IT projects, we will be able to offer onboarding and aftercare to help your team hit the ground running with your new setup.


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Cloud Migrations

Want to tap into the benefits of cloud-hosting, such as lower costs, more scalability, and flexibility? We offer full IT project solutions for migrating your on-premises hosting to a cloud solution. Whether you need consulting and advice, or an implementation partner, No Quarter can help you undertake a smooth, secure and non-disruptive cloud hosting migration.

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Office Moves & Relocations

We offer full support for office moves that ensures your IT environment works seamlessly in your new physical environment, while optimizing it to work at its best for your business. We can take care of physical infrastructure, setting up connectivity, and migrating your IT assets to your new location. Our aftercare and support will ensure your team hits the ground running in your new location.

Hardware Refreshes

IT equipment inevitably needs to be replaced as technology advances, wear and tear sets in, and new requirements develop. Whether its your workstations, servers or network equipment, we offer support with designing and implementing hardware refreshes that draw on the most complementary vendors and technology in the market. With our guidance, we ensure your technology aligns with your needs and goals.

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Digital Transformation: Cloud Workplace & Unified Communications

Want to tap into the benefits of efficient and integrated cloud productivity and collaboration tools such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace? We can help you plan, design and implement a secure modern workplace solution that meets your needs, aligns with your workflows, and propels you toward your goals.

Projects That Unearth Treasures For Your Nonprofit

Alongside our supportive, careful and assuring approach to IT projects, we also focus on making sure that they deliver measurable outcomes for your nonprofit. With our help, you'll enjoy IT solutions that help you deliver on your mission more easily, efficiently and effectively.

Elevate Productivity

Achieve more, using less time and resources by improving your technology with a partner that can bring reliable results. Whether you want faster and more reliable hardware, more integrated and streamlined software and workflows, or improved network speeds, let No Quarter spearhead your digital transformation and help you elevate your productivity.

Increased Flexibility

Unlock remote working capabilities and enhance continuity by taking your IT solutions into the cloud. Create more flexible, robust and reliable IT infrastructure that can respond to the needs of your workforce and IT environment from moment to moment.

Achieve Your Goals

Whether it's making your IT more effective and cost-efficient, empowering your cybersecurity and compliance posture, or optimizing your network and connectivity to work at their best, we can support you to achieve your IT goals.

Reduced Costs?

Enjoy IT project implementations that foresee and avoid unnecessary costs and take advantage of opportunities that help your nonprofit lower its spending on IT. We'll help you lower your IT expenditure while simultaneously improving performance across your tech stack.

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