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IT Support

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IT Support That Keeps Your NonProfit Sailing Smoothly

Our friendly crew of dedicated IT support experts are here to empower your digital journey with on-call helpdesk support, proactive monitoring, maintenance and optimizations, and much more.

Our IT support keeps your technology working smoothly, quickly and reliably. Should your team run into any issues, you can call upon our crew for fast support that gets your operations back into shipshape!

Fast Response Times

Get Support Quickly

Whatever IT issue your team are facing, you can rely on our crew to provide a fast and effective solution. We'll also educate your users on getting the best from their daily IT.

Proactive Maintenance

Ensuring Your Ship Is Working At Its Best

We can take care of maintaining and optimizing your IT environment in the background, ensuring your devices, connectivity and apps are working smoothly.

Cyber Secure IT

Keep Data Pirates At Bay

We use tools to secure your network and devices from cyber threats, keeping your ship secure.

Hardware Support

Get The Best From Your Assets

Repairs and maintenance for your devices, access to vendor discounts, and on-site support are just some of the treasures of our IT support services!

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IT Helpdesk Support

You can think of our crew of IT experts as an extension of your own team that you can call on at any time for IT support. Whether it's malfunctioning devices, login difficulties, internet downtime, you name it! Our friendly experts will be there to give root-cause solutions, delivered with a personal touch.

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Computer Management

Our IT support services keep your computers online, secure and working at their best. We do this using tools that enable us to streamline and optimize how they work behind the scenes, including rolling out performance and security updates automatically and implementing antivirus and other threat mitigation tools.

Network Support

If your network isn't working at its best, then your sails are running at half-mast! We offer support for on-premises and cloud-hosted services and networks, that optimizes traffic loads, configurations and device-connections to boost speeds. We also find and address security vulnerabilities to keep your ship safe against unscrupulous sailors.

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Cloud Services Support

Navigate the cloud as you chart your course to IT success. We offer support for cloud hosted servers and environments, including modern workplace platforms such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. Just like your network and devices, we optimize resource allocation, ensure your cloud environment is scalable, and offer on-call support for your cloud-based IT services with tools that provide visibility and control.

The Benefits of Smooth-Sailing IT Support

We take your IT out of turbulent and uncertain waters by empowering your team and making your IT environment reliable, fast and convenient, enabling your nonprofit to focus on its mission.

Minimize Downtime

We'll get the rocks out of your technological waters so that your team can operate smoothly and securely with reliable IT services.

On-Call Support

Our friendly and dedicated team will be available to respond quickly to your IT issues, and create solutions that address issues at the root cause.

Secure Operations

Secure your network, devices and data from prying eyes, while enhancing your data protection compliance posture.

Lower Costs, More Efficiency

Bring down direct and indirect costs in your IT environment by accessing vendor discounts, unlocking more time, and optimizing your IT asset management.

Get in touch!

Whether you call, email, or book a meeting, we appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us and will be glad to help you.

Our Office:
123 3030 E Market St, York, PA 17402, USA

Phone: 717-850-0446