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Steering Your Business to Safer Waters

In our digital seas, cyber pirates are on the prowl for any bounty that they can find, and nonprofits are no exception. Unfortunately, many nonprofits are not equipped with the telescopes and cannons that they need to stay safe today and fend off these threats.

We're passionate about helping nonprofits remain secure, and protect their data assets against today's cyber threats, with advanced but affordable cybersecurity measures that offer multiple levels of robust protection.

Secure Your Data

Data Protection Solutions

Secure your data by finding and addressing vulnerabilities, deploying protections for devices and your network, and implementing intelligent monitoring tools.

Protect Your Users

Educate Your People

Most breaches are user-related. We offer training sessions that empower your team to sail safely in our digital world, by teaching them best practices.

Empower Compliance

Assure Compliance Seamlessly

Our cybersecurity solutions are tailorable to help you adhere to legal and regulatory requirements more seamlessly, providing protection, peace of mind and compliance confidence.

Empower Continuity

Backup Your Data

We regularly backup your data and systems to secure locations, ensuring that vital information can be restored rapidly whenever needed.


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Endpoint Protection

A key part of our cybersecurity solution is implementing multiple layers of protection for your nonprofits devices, which include your computers, work phones, servers and routers. Our managed endpoint protection provides a sturdy digital barrier against the wide spectrum of cyber threats active today.

Baltimore docks with ship

User Awareness Training

Your cyber defenses can only be as strong as your crew's cyber awareness. We educate your team about how to identify sophisticated phishing emails, common signs of a cyber attack and how to respond, plus a range of general cybersecurity best practices. We'll ensure your sailors are able to keep your ship firmly in safe waters.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Imagine having a duplicate of your ship in a safe harbor that you can call upon whenever needed. This is what our backup and disaster recovery solutions offer for your IT environment. We can backup your data and systems in secure locations and develop and test recovery processes. This ensures your nonprofit's data can be restored quickly and reliably should a cyber threat or another emergency compromise your digital integrity.

Data Protection

We can deploy advanced data protection measures across your environment, including encryption, intelligent data monitoring, and intrusion detection and prevention tools. Together, these measures ensure your data remains safe, secure and available at all times.

Cybersecurity is not just about lowering risk!

Building a robust cybersecurity posture is more important than ever for retaining and building trust, maintaining continuity, and bidding successfully for grants and projects. We see cybersecurity as an essential pillar of IT that also creates opportunities. Here's how:

Keep Trust and Build It

Ensure that trust is never compromised with the people you serve, your donors and volunteers. By investing in cybersecurity, you demonstrate a commitment to protecting data, funds and your services, so that they can continue delivering for the community.

Empower Continuity & Compliance

Ensure your nonprofit is resilient against threats and potential disruptions. Make achieving, maintaining and demonstrating compliance easier and more streamlined, enabling you to focus your time and energy on your nonprofit's core mission.

Unlock Opportunities

By demonstrating your commitment to cybersecurity, you can enhance your competitive edge in your bidding efforts, access lower insurance premiums, and win and keep the trust of stakeholders.

Manage Risk

Reduce the risk of financially damaging cyber breach events, and avoid the costs of post-incident remediation. Prevent cyber attacks and spend far less time, energy and money on addressing the fallout of incidents.

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