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How Cloud Management Services Can Empower Your Nonprofit

Nonprofits must often try to do more with less. It can be a struggle to adopt new tech solutions or upgrade outdated systems as many organizations work with tight budgets and have to prioritize between technology innovation and mission-critical work.

One way that nonprofits can improve their systems is to shift their services and technology management to more resilient cloud services.

What Are Cloud Management Services?

Cloud management services, also known as managed cloud services, are services that offer partial or complete management of an application, service, or ecosystem in the cloud. They may include IT tasks, such as on-demand engineering, migration, maintenance, operations management, hosting, security, and help desk support. 

These services are designed to maximize benefits from cloud services while they minimize internal time and cost. This means that nonprofits store their data in the cloud instead of on their servers, which reduces their cost to maintain and manage internal IT infrastructure.

SoftwareOne Equips Nonprofits with Tools That They Need to Thrive in the Cloud

TechSoup has partnered with SoftwareOne, a global software and cloud solutions provider, to simplify cloud management for nonprofits. The SoftwareOne Impact team provides tailored services that address the unique requirements of each nonprofit and their cloud accounts. Nonprofits can choose basic support or comprehensive, fully managed services as needed.

Through TechSoup, SoftwareOne provides Cloud Essentials for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. These services streamline credit and license management, improve efficiency, and enable nonprofits to maximize their impact.

When the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) was facing significant difficulties with an outdated datacenter infrastructure, they approached SoftwareOne. The RSC used obsolete operating systems, hardware, and code, which had an adverse impact on operational efficiency and their ability to meet business demands.

With SoftwareOne, the RSC was able to identify and evaluate IT issues, modernize its infrastructure, and migrate its data to AWS. The changes aligned them with cloud best practices, reduced cost, and eased administrative burdens. “SoftwareOne … has given us the ability to rapidly modernize and innovate our applications, as well as invest in the training and skills for our staff needed on our journey to cloud and DevOps maturity,” said Chris Callaghan, head of DevOps.

This service is currently available in Europe, but more countries, along with additional offerings, will be added soon.

“Nonprofits are the backbone of our communities, and we’re committed to helping over 3,000 NGOs leverage digital services for positive change by 2030,” said Jessica Jesenik, global nonprofit industry lead at SoftwareOne. “Through our partnership with TechSoup, we’re bringing SoftwareOne’s cloud management expertise to nonprofits, enabling them to amplify their impact. We’re excited about the transformative potential of this collaboration.”

How Can Cloud Management Services Help Nonprofit Organizations?

Cloud computing service providers offer customizable solutions at various levels of sophistication and cost. This is especially useful for nonprofits that need efficient IT operations but do not have the expertise or resources to create a custom-built solution.

Cloud managed services offer additional benefits:

  • Cost savings: Cloud services reduce costs since nonprofits no longer need to purchase and replace physical servers. They also optimize operational expenses because they eliminate the need to maintain servers.
  • Automatic upgrades: Cloud services infrastructure is automatically updated, which allows nonprofits to increase operational efficiency and innovate faster.
  • Network security: Most cloud managed services provide data protection, monitoring, and disaster recovery support. Data is safely stored in the cloud, where it can be easily recovered and restored.
  • Fast response times: IT support teams quickly resolve issues and ensure a durable and reliable network infrastructure.

Transform Your Nonprofit’s Digital Journey Today

If your nonprofit organization seeks to harness the full potential of the cloud and make an even greater impact in your community, now is the time to take action.

Visit TechSoup’s Digital Transformation for Nonprofits page today to explore the digital transformation services and support available to nonprofits.

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